KRDB’s primary mission is to make modern design accessible, both economically and intellectually, to the broadest cross-section of the population. We believe in the transformative power of design as it relates to the built environment. Inspired space, like a successful work of art, increases consciousness, and heightens ones sensitivity to the surrounding world. Whether it is a modest dwelling, the local park or a town hall, we believe in architecture’s ability to inspire people, and enrich the actions and lives of communities. We endeavor to make architecture available to the community at large. In this pursuit, we design and build. The buildings we execute grow out of a careful consideration of place and intention. Each project brings with it a different set of interests and expectations, needs and desires, challenges and questions. We listen, and design in response to our client’s desires. The client, site and program create the milieu in which a project is conceived, developed and executed. The buildings we design are described as modern. We hesitate to employ the term, but are left without an adequate substitute. To us, modern is not limited to a period or style. Modern is timeless and contemporary, abstract and tactile, uncanny and familiar. Modern is not simply an adjective; it is a methodology. It is a process-oriented approach, concurrently universal and highly personal. In this way, we hope that our buildings provide a framework that pulls the individual towards a transformative experience. Process is the work, not simply a means to an end. While a client may approach us as a result of a shared aesthetic sensibility, our intention with each project is to engage the elements as a whole, without preconceptions. Part of that process is an exploration of the program that attempts to relieve the project of unnecessary limitations. The possibilities are often not entirely evident to a client who has considered the program from a limited number of perspectives. We attempt to define the matrix of possibilities clearly; program, site, budget, users. Through the distillation of these constituent elements a poetry emerges. This occurs through dialog and refinement, the narrowing down of multiple scenarios. KRDB is a vertically integrated firm, having acted as developer, designer and builder. With a depth of knowledge informed by multiple disciplines, our design process is enriched and our buildings provide a value proposition that manifests both financially and experientially. As most of our clients come to us seeking combined services that are both aesthetically superior and financially limited, we have developed a process that provides the client with a detailed overview of the trajectory of the project. A preliminary schedule of design meetings is provided, outlining the goals of each project phase, the deliverables from KRDB, and the expectations of the client. Providing our clients with this understanding of the process at the outset ensures a project that maximizes accommodation of as many goals as possible.