BLGY is a client-driven architectural practice with an established 59-year presence in Austin, Texas.  Our ability to evolve an architecture that will satisfy the particular needs of each client, community and context, is a reflection of our passion for purposeful design. With careful attention to detail, durability, constructability and sustainability, our process inherently promotes repeat assignments, an outcome of a satisfied client.

Our experienced and tenured staff has established a broad portfolio of work that includes K-12 and higher education facilities, municipal buildings, office buildings, financial institutions, recreational centers, manufacturing buildings, and many other facility types. Within the past 20-years alone, our K-12 core practice has successfully accomplished 18 new elementary schools, 6 new middle schools and 6 new high schools, serving over a dozen school districts in Texas.  The firm has received numerous recognitions of excellence from the design, construction and business community, for our commitment to the community through excellence in design, construction and business practices.

During the long history of building our repertoire, we have acknowledged that BLGY intrinsically believes in serving as a reciprocal member of the community. Our firm and its staff members remain engaged in the affairs of our community in many ways, through memberships on boards and foundations, leading fundraisers, enabling scholarships, and mentoring students.  We look forward to each project and community partnering opportunity with renewed enthusiasm, seeking to support our clients and community with unwavering professionalism, because we believe in the worthiness of the built environment, and our key role in serving as its sustained stewards.