At The Perch, a 660-square-foot flexible studio space is shaped to fit above the existing bungalow roofline and within the City of Austin’s building parameters. The owners had a clear goal in mind: to preserve their backyard and avoid the need to relocate during construction, all while ensuring the mature landscape remained undisturbed. Thus, The Perch was born.

Rooms have small footprints and vaulted ceilings for added volume, and the split-level form provides concealed storage and mechanical space throughout. The Perch rests on four steel columns, piercing through existing bungalow walls to resist lateral forces.

The siding is constructed from corrugated corten steel due to its low maintenance qualities and to match existing site elements. The open grate with expanded metal stair shares a landing with the bungalow and is barefoot (and paw) friendly. A restrained, yet playful, material and color palette are carefully detailed with efficiency, economy, and serenity in mind.

The cantilevered form of the studio gently sways in the wind, a reminder of its construction.