Homeowner Joey Neugart and architect Sarah Bullock McIntyre met in college 20 years ago and remained friends. Neugart and his family were eager to return to Austin following a decade in the Bay Area. With Bullock’s help, they purchased a pier-and-beam cottage, sight unseen, in family friendly, centrally located Rosedale. While the remodeling plans initially aimed for expansion, it was quickly determined to be cost-prohibitive.

Given the chance to start fresh, the owners prioritized an efficient, thoughtful layout with views of the backyard and street, natural light, and minimalist, “hygge” detailing. They requested a low-sloped gable roof reminiscent of the mid-century houses they loved in California, and a perched front porch for neighbor engagement.

Last but not least, they wanted a carport worthy of their 1966 Fiat 600D, “Blue Baby”. The small lot size, significant grade change, and an existing 295-square-foot detached studio influenced the split-level layout and footprint. The Shoalwood Residence stands as a testament to the shared vision of homeowners and architect joining forces to create a home that embodies comfort, elegance, and a strong sense of community.