In the heart of Austin’s Zilker neighborhood, a deep narrow site culminates in a 35’ drop into a wide urban stream, setting the stage for the Kinney Residence. The residence consists of a guest apartment over a covered carport, a welcoming forecourt space, and the main residence itself which overlooks the wildness of the stream banks.

The transparent public side of the main residence is designed to visually engage the forecourt space used for family games and large outdoor gatherings. As you step into the main public areas on the upper floor, you immediately notice how light and fresh air fill the space, thanks to a row of windows above eye level. These special windows are positioned along a central spine that runs through the home, drawing attention to the stunning view of the deep ravine at the rear. The private bedrooms on the main and lower levels, a small spa/plunge pool, and a screened porch all have access to stream views, allowing residents to fully immerse themselves in their surroundings.

The Kinney Residence tastefully blends design and nature to create an inviting space in the heart of the city.