A blast from the past, the Foothill Terrace residence incorporates renowned architect Roland Roessner’s design legacy. Two decades ago, Furman + Keil was asked to design a new house on the site where Roessner’s two previous models once stood. Though lacking a stable foundation, the 1960s houses served as a profound inspiration for Furman + Keil, leading to their own remarkable design showcased in the 2002 AIA Homes Tour.

Fast forward 20 years: the current owners of the house hired the firm once again to remodel and expand upon their original work. Tasked with bringing the house into the 21st century while preserving the architectural language established in the initial design, the architects went to work.

The remodeled home now boasts additional primary bedrooms, a new studio, and reconfigured spaces. Every aspect of the house has been carefully updated, from new finishes, cabinetry, and fixtures throughout. Most importantly, these changes honor the existing exposed structure, embracing its rigorous aesthetic and rhythmic flow from inside to outside and back in again.

The Foothill Terrace residence is a testament to the harmonious blend of architectural legacies, where the spirit of Roessner’s past work intertwines with Furman + Keil’s contemporary vision, resulting in a home that embodies both history and modernity.