Help our Emerging Professionals Committee create a resource library with new ARE materials! Buy one book or more than one, and let  know that you did and we will take it off the list. Each book you buy will have a sticker proclaiming your generosity! Thank you for contributing to this important cause, and helping our young professionals succeed.

  1. PPI (Ballast) ARE 5.0 Review Bundle (3 copies)
  2. Brightwood (Kaplan) ARE 5.0 Complete Library (3 copies)
  3. Mechanical and Electrical Equipment for Buildings
  4. Building Construction Illustrated
  5. The Architect’s Studio Companion
  6. The Architect’s Handbook of Professional Practice
  7. printed copies of A101-2017
  8. printed copies of B201-2017
  9. Graphic Standards
  10. Building Codes Illustrated
  11. Access to current International Building Code (IBC)
  12. Fundamentals of Building Construction Donated by Exclusive Windows & Doors of Austin – Thank you!