Late January/early February 2022
DURATION: 7-8 weeks, one class per week
STUDENTS / CAMPUSES: 3rd-5th graders in selected Prime Time schools

Since 2008, our committee has hosted Architecture in Schools, a program we developed for elementary students to be taught in the classroom setting. In the past ten years, Architecture In Schools has been taught in 23 different AISD schools and over 100 individual classrooms, as well as several schools in Eanes, Round Rock and Leander ISDs. Our AIA members are dedicated to the continuation of this program and enjoy the opportunity to work with young students.

In 2018, the Architecture: K-12 Committee adapted and updated the curriculum to work within the format of AISD Prime Time. This after school program will directly connect us with Title 1 schools and kids in need of enrichment.

The sessions are designed to introduce the creative endeavor of architecture to 3rd through 5th grade students. The goal of these sessions it to equip students with an answer to the question “What is architecture?” The most basic answer to that question is: It is making space out of stuff for people. We will use exercises and projects to examine how buildings contain space, how materials impact that space, and how buildings affect people. Each session is built around exploring a facet of this answer.