TOM HURT Architecture provides full services for master planning and building design including interior finish selection and exterior hardscaping. We offer our client a project team of engineers and consultants – and a general contractor if necessary – to make a complex process manageable for the client. We base our recommendations of these professionals and contractors on project complexity and budget and try to create a budget-appropriate fit for the project: one where the client feels they can trust each team member to manage their part of what is inevitably a great expenditure by the client.

Having worked as a general contractor, framer and carpenter on various projects, Tom approaches design with a builder’s view of details, work sequencing and costs. This is useful for two reasons: it makes some extraordinary building designs possible within normal building technologies, and it has led Tom and his office to pursue, through design, uncommon beauty in common materials. This latter task is exciting for us, and it is why we think of some of our work as ‘material arrangement’.