A group of design professionals wanting to provide a different kind of design partnership founded Sixthriver in Austin, Texas in 1994. Our team then, as we are now, is comprised of award winning design specialists who know and understand our city’s culture to its deepest extent. As our city has evolved, so has our firm. From just a few local projects, our project storyboard has grown to include over 25 million square feet of design projects ranging from local commercial off ice spaces to ground up multi-use buildings to large scale student housing projects across the nation. Our firm designs original environments where our clients can conduct business and affect their industry and community. Our creative process is firmly rooted in the ideal that great design solves a basic problem in a handcrafted and elegant way. We are committed to the future and the persistent pursuit of new thoughts and ideas and we hold steadfast to our vision and values to take us there.

Flowing through the heart of Austin, the Colorado River is the most central of the twelve major rivers running southeast through Texas to the Gulf; it is the sixth river south of the Red, which runs along the Texas-Oklahoma border. Our flagship office in Austin was bordered by Colorado Street – an original north/south throughway of the city that was named after the river it stems from. At this location, inspiration struck and our firm’s name was born: Sixthriver. The Colorado River offers beauty, sustainability and a consistent economic return to Austin and its residents. Steady and true, the river provides vitality and vibrancy to our community that still attracts people from across the country. While our initial relationship to the sixth river of Texas is locality, it is these attributes of the majestic resource that we aspire to emulate.