Rheinlander Architects is an Austin-based full service architectural firm with over 24 years of experience providing innovative Senior Care design that improves the wellbeing of residents while meeting the staff’s needs and the owner’s requirements through budget-conscious design.
Paul Rheinlander provides our clients with personal involvement and dedicated commitment from conception through completion in every project.
At Rheinlander Architects the focus is on producing the very best architectural solution for our clients’ needs. We are committed to our clients and consider them a vital part of the team.
We strive for excellence, the highest value, and most economical design at a reasonable cost. We do not seek a high volume of projects, but rather a select quality of projects. This enables us to emphasize our personalized service which is necessary for communication and quality control of your project.
A successful building project requires responsiveness, deft management, and excellent communication, all traits which Rheinlander Architects has cultivated through our experience. We enjoy an exceptional reputation for quality architecture because of our values and professional commitment to our clients. We strive on repeat clients.
Rheinlander Architects believe that careful prequalification of the architect and the client are essential for both parties. Not only should the client select the architect based on qualifications, but Rheinlander Architects selects the client based on their needs with respect to our experience and capabilities.

We value each and every client and project as a contribution to our firm’s professional and business goals.