The Office of Architecture, based in Wimberley, Texas, is an award-winning, design-oriented firm with over thirty years of experience. Providing creative solutions to both residential and commercial clients, the designs of the Office of Architecture are grounded in proven design principles resulting in architecture that is clear and precise, conceptually simple but exciting, and appropriately contextual without being derivative. Guided by the architectural principles of form, light, proportion, and sustainability, ooA is committed to being of service to their clients, helping them realize the maximum potential of their project while creating solutions that are as unique and individualized as their clients and their needs. Through working with their clients to clarify project goals, they search for the best program based response, not necessarily the most obvious or expected one. Continually engaging their clients throughout the process, that response is carefully analyzed, challenged, and refined, rendering it into architecture that not only meets programmatic requirements but inspires, nurtures, and celebrates the user and observer as well. Neel Morton, AIA, a graduate of UT Austin and Principal of ooA, became a registered architect in 1985 and opened his first office in 1986. Neel has successfully designed and managed the construction of a large variety of projects including office buildings, recreational facilities, restaurants, churches, medical facilities, private residences, and multi-family developments including a co-housing project in Arizona. While employed by a real estate development firm, Neel spent seven years focused in the construction industry, being in charge of construction activities for custom single family residences, cluster homes, and townhouses. A longtime interest in sustainable design led Neel to explore such alternative building materials as adobe, rammed earth, straw bale, structural insulated panels, and more recently, insulated concrete forms (ICFs).