LSI (Land Strategies Inc.) is a collaborative design firm of architects, landscape architects, and planners that champion responsible development and create lasting value through inspired design. LSI was founded in 1983 by Paul Linehan as a landscape architecture and planning firm. In 2018, with the addition of Michael Linehan, LSI’s first registered architect, the firm expanded their services to include architecture, and reoriented the firms’s vision to be a design forward, multidisciplinary development consultant team. In its 36-year history, LSI has worked on over 1800 projects in central Texas and influenced the built environment of Austin in a substantial and positive way. LSI continues to grow and evolve with Austin, expanding its services and offerings. LSI works on a wide variety of product types, from large-scale master-planned communities and developments to single-family custom homes, always delivering excellent service and inspirational design that brings sustainable value to client developments and homes.