Low Design Office is an architecture studio that focuses on something simple: More with less. We believe that spaces shape well-being, that humans and ecologies perform best at low stress levels, and that optimizing efficiency with harmony can maximize the power of built environment. As an integrated design practice, our process bridges design and construction: We help clients define their goals and project scope, plan strategically, build effectively and live healthfully. We collaborate to craft high-impact buildings, landscapes and cities, with low carbon footprint and environmental impact, that bring life into balance for people and place. Ryan Bollom and Dk Osseo-Asare co-founded their experimental transatlantic design practice in 2006 while pursuing their Masters in Architecture at the Harvard Graduate School of Design. Low Design Office formed around the idea that transformative innovation in creative fields most often originates when the creator must overcome limited means and resources to provide meaning in their work. Today, Bollom and Osseo-Asare continue to use this as a guiding principal in their practice to deliver high impact design for a broader public through low resource, low tech, low carbon strategies. Their projects search to find optimal balance between design and resource consumption—to achieve the “most” with the “least”.