We begin the design process by sitting down with you to discuss your lifestyle and how you will live in your new home.  For instance, do you do a lot of entertaining? Do you enjoy theatre sitting for movie watching? Are the outdoor living spaces a high priority?

Once we understand what your needs are, we will begin the preliminary design process. First, we will create a preliminary floor plan and site plan for your consideration and feedback. This preliminary process represents a large portion of the creative design time required to create a customized, thoughtful plan and may as much as 8-10 weeks. Once the preliminary plans are tweaked, based on your feedback, we move on to CAD drawings and design development.

As drawings proceed, we will then begin meeting with you to discuss preliminary selections and finishes for your home. Our interiors designer will prepare a comprehensive package for your review, inclusive of all selections such as hardware, plumbing, tile, appliances and lighting etc. We will include color photos of all selections to best convey the essence of our design direction, including vignettes of individual rooms with selections juxtaposed to help you visualize final results.

An important aspect of construction documents are the specifications, which detail the “bricks and sticks and methods” of construction. A complete set of specifications, inclusive of all selections, will be prepared and presented with each design revision. Our specifications are particularly complete because of the additional design time dedicated to selection specificity prior to construction. Only larger scope areas of improvement, such as landscaping or audio/visual, may be reflected as allowances. Even so, our company will lead the conversation with consultants and follow thru with management during construction.

Together with the plans and selections and specifications, we will also prepare an estimate of cost. This cost estimate will be a well studied estimate, based first on preliminary plans and specifications, and updated with each presentation of revised drawings and selections. Unless there are major changes to the overall scope of the project, we can expect that the preliminary cost that we provide at the beginning of design will be very consistent with the final cost at the completion of construction documents.