Robert Jackson and Michael McElhaney Architects is a service oriented architectural firm that includes licensed architects, project managers and support staff. Founded in 1975 as Robert Jackson Architects, this small firm has grown to cover a diverse range of architectural services and received national design recognition for a variety of building types. Our success is based on our inclusive approach which engages owner/client, consultants, contractors etc. throughout the design and construction process. We pride ourselves on a seamless transition from design to construction; the end result reflects the resolution of the site, the budget and the owner’s goals. We believe that architectural design is a service profession. Our goal is to create a vision in form and material which matches the client’s aspirations. Architecture is a visual art, so from the beginning we provide many diagrams, plans and sketches in order to define and refine the owner’s and team’s ideas. In this way, the architecture is molded by the entire team. As architects, our role is to give the team’s ideas shape and form. One of the hallmarks of our work has been our focus on earth-friendly design, one which started long before the recent ‘green’ trend. Whether designing in an urban environment or in a nature preserve, we consider the same basic principles: conserve and preserve the earth, water, air and energy as passively as possible. Efficiency, simplicity and unpretentious design is our goal. Our sustainable design work has received local, state, national and international recognition.

Each project evolves into a design that is a result of the resolution of three primary design elements; budget, program, and site. This approach involves the owner throughout every phase of work as the key team member in the creative process. Our office has a broad range of in-house architectural design and technical skills, including the understanding of building construction and code issues. Traditional models and sketching are complemented with computer-aided design. In addition, we have extensive experience with consultants in other disciplines to supplement our services.

During the construction phase of a project, our office becomes actively involved in construction administration.