We are committed to community based, humane architecture. We design buildings that reflect their cultural and geographical context, and intend for our clients’ projects to be accessible and comprehensible to the user, relevant to their surroundings, and contribute to a sense of place rather than obeying a preconceived architectural agenda. Ultimately, our purpose is to facilitate living the best life possible, creating buildings with which our clients are thrilled, and involving them in the process of creation. Our work’s heavily site-specific orientation engages issues of environmentalism, energy efficiency, and good stewardship of the land. In designing for a given site, we carefully consider topography, vegetation, solar orientation, prevailing winds, land forms, water, and desirable views. In applying those considerations to a design, its inevitable that issues such as ‘green’ building materials, small footprint design (the popularized ‘not so big house’), and passive cooling and heating will be considered.