DANZE & DAVIS ARCHITECTS, INC., is an award winning, nationally renowned architectural firm specializing in residential and commercial design with an Architectural Tradition. Established in 1960 by Leo P. Danze and H. Ross Davis, the firm has designed a broad range of detached and attached houses for building companies, custom home clients, and home design publishers in which more than 150,000 families live. Danze & Davis also takes great pride in its established commercial design; able to provide custom plans at a competitive rate.

The original partners began a tradition that every client and every project are of the highest importance in terms of timeliness, efficiency and creativity while still provided at reasonable costs. The current partners, Donovan R. Davis, Elizabeth A. Danze and Gary L. Wagner, as well as our design team provide a blend of unique talents, training and focus to provide the same level of quality that founded this firm over 40 years ago.

Today, Danze & Davis has grown its team of over twenty five architects, residential and commercial consultants and support staff. Their office, located in Austin, Texas, has work ranging from single and multi-family homes to commercial and multi-use buildings spanning the country.