CoXist is a young innovative design firm specializing in contemporary custom homes and boutique commercial spaces.  An essential part of our process is to enhance the connections between life and living.

We create spatial clarity, believing architecture is a transformative endeavor that seeks to enhance our everyday through a sequence of moments.

We appreciate how light and shadow dance around a room.  By inviting the outside in, we blur boundaries and expand visual horizons.  Focused views and natural light can bring life to any space.

We believe rules are not limitations, but opportunities for thoughtful and creative design solutions.  We take budget constraints seriously and believe that simple materials can be used in innovative ways to make big statements.

CoXist will work closely with you, listening to your goals and desires, to find innovative solutions to complex problems. 

Collaboration is a key value at CoXist. We understand that to create positive outcomes we must all work together from client to contractor.