COTERA+REED ARCHITECTS is an Austin-based architectural practice, begun in 2003 by Juan Cotera and Phillip Reed. Each was previously a principal in a larger partnership in Austin and has a long history of work in Texas and beyond. The firm has traditionally focused its interest on the public sector, but has broad experience with private projects as well. A concern for the built and un-built environments, social consciousness and resource stewardship direct it architecturally. We consider a well designed building to be the best use of materials and funds for any client. Because of our belief in the place-making value of sustainable cities, most of the firm’s recent projects have been in urban centers.

COTERA+REED ARCHITECTS is also a local leader in sustainability, with several in-house LEED Accredited sustainability officers. Our efforts on the New Austin City Hall received a LEED Gold rating for the project. We have also developed in-house capabilities in computer daylight analysis, used both for design of light quality and energy optimization.

We choose to explore and embrace the wide range of concerns and goals operating on every design project, distilling them into a clear driving idea. Understanding and enhancing what is specific to a design requires new exploration for each building never presupposing a solution. It means that each building is special, and also that few stylistic consistencies can be drawn between them.

Many of our projects have also required significant public input and coordination. Our experience includes working with many government agencies, institutions as well as private developers.

COTERA+REED ARCHITECTS is certified with the City of Austin as a Minority Owned Business and a Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE), and with the State of Texas as a Historically Underutilized Business (HUB).

Due to its complexity and constantly changing parameters, architecture is increasingly a discipline of collaboration, where differing areas of expertise are combined into a team specifically for a single project. Our firm has led many collaborations, and has also worked successfully as design and production partners with recognized designers on large local projects. Some of our recent collaborations include the New Austin City Hall with Antoine Predock, and a new 300 bed dormitory at St Edwards University with Chilean architect Alejandro Aravena.