Creatively collaborating since 2001, April Clark and Ed Richardson formed the architecture firm Clark | Richardson Architects in 2009 with the goal of creating contemporary experiences through form, sustainability and detail. C|R specializes in green residential and commercial design. C|R provides services for single-family residential design and renovation, new commercial design and renovation, commercial infill, and master planning for both commercial and residential developments, as well as green consulting. Our strengths lie in our flexibility and our commitment to specialized client services.  We are committed to meeting your needs and have the tools and experience to help you attain your goals whether they be just a bathroom renovation, full custom home design or professional commercial space. At C|R you can be certain that the person you interview with at your project start will be the professional you will work with until your job is complete.

C|R is a HUB Certified Business in the State of Texas. We have NCARB Certificates which allow us to transfer our licenses to any state. We currently have active architectural licenses in the following states:

  • Texas
  • New Mexico
  • Arizona

See more about us at our blog. Follow us on Twitter at @CRArchitect and Instagram at @clark_richardson_architects.