At Baldridge Architects, our practice is predicated on the basic belief that well-designed space can aspire to loftier goals than the mere provision of shelter and amenities; and it can do more than facilitate commercial or institutional goals. For us, these are our baselines—our starting points.

As a firm, we are striving for more than prominence in a shelter magazine or a spot on a homes tour. We labor to look beyond trends and toward a sense of permanence and transcendence. It does not matter where the current fashion has moved; we want our clients to feel the care taken in curating space, light, mass and texture long after they have moved in.

As a design firm, we split our time between commercial and residential projects. Each project is unique, and we begin our designs with an in-depth inquiry into the factors that will make it truly successful for our clients. In our residences, we hold as a fact that there is value to the life you will live in your house—a worth that adds something intangible to each day and transcends resale value. Likewise, in our commercial projects we find that care, craft and deliberation translate into operational and experiential benefits our clients may not have anticipated.

Thoughtful collaboration and rigorous planning act as our principal guides. There is nothing precious in this. In short, we work with our clients to balance and realize their objectives. In the end, we strive for designs that endure, with careful thought about function and with the carefully considered solidity that has come to characterize our work. It is something that you can “feel” more than see, but against an environment of ephemeral design trends, this sense of care and restraint leads to projects that are widely seen as classic and timeless.

Members of this firm have worked for some of the most well-respected architects practicing today, and the firm’s combined experience includes conceptual research, public art, high-end residential, hospitality, educational, commercial, retail, modular, museum and interior design projects as well as custom furniture design. Our work has been featured widely across the web and in print publications like The New York Times,The Wall Street Journal, Architectural Record, dwell, Design Bureau, Luxe, Conde Naste Traveler and Metropolis.