Agenda Architecture is a full-service architecture and design studio focused on creating projects with purpose. We have a passion for creativity and have big ambitions when it comes to the trajectory of our work. We sincerely believe in the transformative power of architecture and its ability to elevate experiences, engage and inspire people everywhere. Our firm leverages the many constraints surrounding each project as opportunities for experimentation and exploration, creating space for us to learn and reconsider the impact design can have within the context of our neighborhoods, cities, and the greater environment. We believe this level of rigor should be implemented on any project, whether it be an entire city block or a single family residence. Every project has its own agenda.

Our collective knowledge and experience extends across all scales, from product design to large-scale developments, with a particular interest in how we research, represent and communicate ideas and potential design strategies. The co-founders of Agenda Architecture have previous experience at award-winning offices in New York, London, Austin, New Orleans, and Omaha.