Architecture | Interiors | Landscape

We approach architecture, interiors, and landscape design in parallel. We believe this trinity is inextricably linked and relies upon a cohesive viewpoint conceived between ourselves and our clients.

We believe buildings are beholden to their site, whether physically, climatically or contextually. Each site offers unique opportunities and constraints, and designing within these parameters encourages meaningful innovation and instills a building with a sense of appropriateness.

We know that clear and consistent communication with our clients leads to clarity in our design solutions. By continually engaging and challenging preconceived notions, we are able to expose fundamental truths and provide more valuable solutions.

We believe that good design is green design. Always present, a profound respect for our environment shapes our attitude toward how we work and what we create. By eliminating wanton and wasteful building practices, environmental responsibility is easily achieved through common sense design solutions and cognizant clients.

We feel that successfully designing within a budget is more rewarding than pursuing architectural fancy with disregard for economic feasibility. Budget constraints dictate simplified solutions which promote design integrity.

We embrace every project as an opportunity to collaborate and create, working in concert with client, consultant and contractor to form an inspired team with parallel objectives and a common goal.

A Parallel Architecture is a registered member of the American Institute of Architects and the local AIA Austin Chapter.