Baldridge Architects

Baldridge Architects is hiring.

We are presently working on a wide array of hospitality and commercial projects along with a couple of exciting homes. We are looking for a new team member; we are never looking for an “employee.”

Through sheer determination and nimbleness, Baldridge has evolved from its roots as a design-build operation specializing in single-family homes to an award-winning firm leading the designs of ambitious hotels, institutional projects, food markets, restaurants, and the occasional art installation. We are eleven people, but we consistently swing above our weight. It’s in our DNA.

Baldridge might be unlike other firms you have encountered. The programs are fully addressed; the projects are complete and resolved. Our thinking is continually evolving, but our core values remain:

We want the complex site. We crave an unconventional program. We live for the fascinating chaos that makes design human.
We seek both the fever dream and the quiet reflection.

We are chasing neither form nor surface. We practice clarity, sensitivity, and obsessive detail to pursue the transcendent. What is dreamt can be drawn; what is drawn can be made precisely.

First in.
Last out.

We are seeking someone with 3-5 years’ experience in a structured office setting for an architectural designer position with ability to grow within the firm. Ambitious, creative, and refined architectural and interior design facilities are a must, as are organizational and communication skills.

AutoCad and Rhino skills are mandatory; Revit and Enscape skills preferred. We are a CAD firm by choice (on most projects); a Revit firm when necessary.

You can see our work at

If you are interested and you meet these minimum qualifications, please send an email with your portfolio and cv to Please do not call us and do not just “drop by.”