At StoryBuilt, we develop urban infill communities. Our architecture team is a critical driver to the strategy and design of both the land plans and buildings. Our communities range from a few single family homes to 100+ unit mixed-use buildings. We build in the most dynamic neighborhoods in some of America’s most thriving cities, such as Austin, Dallas, San Antonio, Seattle and Denver. We believe that where we build is our key sustainability strategy. We also believe that how our buildings perform in terms of energy efficiency is a critical component to our designs.

Over the past decade, we have assembled a talented team of highly motivated professionals in all areas of design and construction, to create a robust company to help us conquer the most complicated urban infill challenges. Collaboration between disciplines is what keeps our projects exciting and innovative. From the moment we begin to look at land to purchase, our architects are involved in crafting and researching the possibilities for each site.

StoryBuilt will continue to design and build a variety of housing and mixed use projects, for sale and for rent, into the future. We will continue to grow our architecture team and develop their knowledge of urban planning, zoning, and architectural design on our diverse urban sites across the country. As we grow, we look forward to having a positive impact on our cities as well as the natural environment.